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Karl Seglem & Christoph Stiefel Group
presents: "Monsterjazz" 
A concert for young & old children
based on this line up:
Karl Seglem   tsax, horns, voice
Christoph Stiefel   piano, prepared piano
Jullie Hjetland Jensen  voice, loops
Sigurd Hole  bass
Kåre Opheim  drums&percussion
Gunvor Rasmussen  illustrator
The line up is flexible from 2 to 5 musicians, and can be done without the illustrator (but it´s not that much fun because drawing is so fun)
About the concert: In “Monsterjazz”, the two leaders Karl Seglem and Christoph Stiefel challenge themselfs, their fellow musicians and the listening audience, who are also given the opportunity to participate and shape the concert without prior knowledge of how or in what way this will be accomplished. The concertproduction is in an open format, based on the idea of a line of energy that the musicians use as a compass to navigate by, which shapes the progression of the work and the music – Jazz improvisation in the true sense of the word.
At the foundation of the work Monsterjazz lies a basic and some thoroughly planned element that is perhaps primarily associated with sound, but also with melody, rhythm and harmony. It is a non-verbal concert experience, but it can include words and lyrics in one form or another, which are also improvised then and there. At the premier in 2014 a big screen behind the musicians showed the shape of a drawing develope during the concert. A monster was created - drawed. We hereby present Monsterjazz to promoters, festivals, concert-venues, clubs and others responsible for arranging concerts for young&old children.
Background: Karl Seglem has been working with concerts for old&young children since 1985, and has presented over 2000 concerts in Norwegian schools. Around 2012 Karl Seglem and Christoph Stiefel  decided to join forces and put together a star-studded team of international musicians: a powerful, playful new European quintet that, incidentally, released their debut album, “Waves”, on the Dutch label Challenge Records in the spring of 2015.  Monsterjazz was a concert commissioned for the Molde Jazz Festival2014. The musicians and an artist/drawer presented two free-form concerts during barnaZmoldejazz, the part of the festival devoted to, and featuring, the youngest. In addition to the music, the audiences heard lyrics from Karl Seglem’s two poetry collections and his stories for children. This was the beginning of a great partnership between the musicians in the band Karl Seglem&Christoph Stiefel Group.
About the performers of Monsterjazz: Karl Seglem, tenor saxophonist, goat’s horn player, composer, producer and poet, whose unique sound has earned him a reputation as one of Norway’s foremost jazzmusicians; Christoph Stiefel, pianist, composer and sound-explorer for many years, one of Switzerland’s most prominent musicians; Jullie Hjetland Jensen, a Norwegian living in Denmark with a background in Scandinavian jazz and folk music as well as Danish pop; Sigurd Hole, a bass player who is known from Eple Trio, among other groups; and Kåre Opheim, a drummer from the group RealOnes. The last two have been members of Karl Seglem’s acoustic quartet and his world jazz band for the past few years. At the Molde concerts artist Gunvor Rasmussen participated with her own “voice”, using her instruments of ink and watercolours to portray the Monster during the concerts.
Basic info:
Suitable for human beeings from 5 to 110 years old. No babies.
Maximum 100 in the audience. If more, Monsterjazz will do another concert
No stage is needed. Musicians & audience on the same level
Sound-Tech: A grand piano is needed. Enclosed separate tech rider
The drawer can do separate work-shops before or after the concert
The project Monsterjazz is flexible and open to suggestions for different ways to present it.