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DHD presents a very energetic show loaded with improvisation, joy and a lot of groove. The group is in constant search for that distinctive sound that reflects the depth of Afro-Cuban rhythms as well as the beauty of the harmonies and colors that come from jazz. All this constitutes a mix of flavors and experiences with which they try to transport the listener to a supernatural dimension. Their repertoire consists mostly out of original compositions, but also a few Jazz and Latin classics which they arrange in their own way.

Finding a perfect fit with other musicians is one of the beautiful things about playing music. Sharing music with them will make you sound even better, and the playing will feel easier. This happened to Daan, Humberto, and Damien when they played together for the first time. This strong connection led them to start the project "DHD". The band members come from different musical and cultural backgrounds but they are connected by their love for Afro Cuban music. DHD is constantly looking for fresh sounds that emerge from a mix of Afro Cuban music and modern jazz. 

Established in 2015, the band has appeared at the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival in 2017 and toured around Spain, and the Netherlands. In march 2018 the band won the jury award and the public prize at the Leiden Jazz Award 2018 and the best soloist prize at the Erasmus Jazz competition. Their debut album will be released in October 2018 by Challenge Records

Humberto Rios: 

Pianist, born in Havana, Cuba. He started to study piano at the age of 4. He graduated from high school/conservatory Amadeo Roldán. At the age of 22, Humberto moved to Spain where he studied at the conservatory of Aragon in Zaragoza. After graduating in 2015 he moved to The Netherlands where he did his Master of Music in Jazz piano at Codarts Rotterdam. In 2018, together with his project DHD, Humberto won the “Best Soloist” price at the Erasmus Jazz Competition and few weeks Later he won the public and jury price at the Leiden Jazz Award.  

Daan Arets: 

Drummer, born in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Daan started playing drums and classical piano at the age of 9. When he turned 18 he decided to focus on drums and started his study Jazz drums at the conservatory in Maastricht. After his graduation he went to Cuba to study with the masters of Afro-Cuban music, such as Enrique Plás, Adel Gonzalez and Rodney Baretto. In 2017 Daan graduated from Codarts Rotterdam where he got his Master of Music degree in Latin Drums. 

Damien Roussos:

Bassist Damien, half Greek and half Cypriot, born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus. He entered the music world with singing and classical guitar and eventually found his way towards the electric bass. Through the years he got involved in many different genres of music including Jazz, Metal, Pop and World music. In 2017 he graduated from Codarts Rotterdam where he studied Latin bass.