Coherence Quartet


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COHERENCE \ kō-ˈhir-ən(t)s Ä the situation when the parts of something fit together
in a natural or reasonable way; integration of diverse elements, relationships, or

Every concert of Coherence Quartet is a new experience created by four
distinguished and experienced artists completely engaged in music, interactions
between which create new exciting musical worlds.

After their debut released in 2011 by Multikulti Project Coherence Quartet present
the new album published by respected and prestigious Dutch company Challenge
Records. It’s here where such artists as Dave Liebman, Eddie Gomez, Enrico
Pierarunzi, Jim Hall, John Abercrombie, Kenny Wheeler, Larry Goldings or Lee
Konitz release their work.
The album released by Challenge Records proves not only the perfect intuition of
the recording company but also how high the level of Polish jazz is.
Jan Van Leersum Rootstime
After a few unsatisfying recording sessions in studio conditions the band decided on
recording their music in a wooden cottage. Nice atmosphere, good food and, above
all, the time spent together, turned out to be the key to success. It’s how Sagaye was

Łukasz Kluczniak- saxophone
Robert Jarmużek- piano
Marcin Lamch- double bas
Grzegorz Masłowski- drums