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 IKARUS is a contemporary / groove / jazz quintet consisting of Ramón Oliveras (composition, drums), Anna

Hirsch (vocals), Andreas Lareida (vocals), Lucca Fries (piano) and Mo Meyer (upright bass). Their singular sound

is based on continuously permutating polyrhythms, fluctuating grooves, organic improvisations and an

enchanting blend of male and female vocals. The compositions continue to evolve thanks to the nature of their

live shows, and tend to reappear in new versions on their full-length records. They cite influences as far-ranging

as Morton Feldman, Meshuggah, The Knife, Craig Taborn, Steve Reich and traditional west African rhythms. To

date, IKARUS released a total of three LPs (counting MOSAISMIC) on Nik Bärtsch’s boutique label Ronin Rhythm

Records and also toured Europe and Japan extensively.